4 City Council Members in Michigan City Just Kneeled During Meeting For Stupid Reason

The state of Michigan, which was ravaged by the harmful economic policies of Democrat Barack Obama, surprised many by flipping from a reliable “blue state” to win for Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Nonetheless, there are still pockets of Michigan where liberals are still clustered, such as the city of Ann Arbor, which is home to the flagship campus of the University of Michigan. In Ann Arbor, four elected City Council members decided to kneel Colin Kaepernick style during an official city meeting while the Pledge of Allegiance was being read.

Wrote the Federalist Papers’ Brian Thomas about the stunt, “Ann Arbor’s City Council chose to resist President (Donald) Trump’s assessment that such protests disrespect the flag and the country.”

He continued, “City Council members have every means of spreading their reasons for protest without disrespecting the flag, but they instead decided to get down on the floor in order show demonstrate their ‘attention.’” Thomas asked, “Can City Council in Ann Arbor think of no better way to promote ‘attention’ than protesting the Pledge of Allegiance at their own meetings?”


Chuck Warpehoski, one of the protesting council members, then offered a truly idiotic explanation for his decision to kneel. Said Chuck before the meeting, “I can’t speak to what is in each person’s heart, but for me to ‘take a knee’ is an act of attention, of concern, and of respect.” He added, “And it is in that spirit that I take a knee at tonight’s City Council meeting: out of respect for the aspiration that we be a nation ‘with liberty and justice for all,’ with full attention that we fall short of that ideal in many ways, and with humble dedication to continue to work that the promise of the pledge may be fulfilled.” Should the City Council kick these four protesters out?

Source : http://conservative101.com/4-city-council-members-michigan-city-just-kneeled-meeting-stupid-reason/

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