Mark Cuban Just Exposed What He And His Team Plan To Do Before The Start Of Basketball Games

NFL players have been protesting the flag before games, and kneeling before the anthem. Some basketball coaches, like Gregg Popovich are saying horrible things about our country.Shark Tank star and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban just exposed what he and his team plan to do before the start of basketball games.

 At the same time, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in the media are trying to claim that the NFL players aren’t being disrespectful by kneeling. Billionaire Mark Cuban echoed a similar talking point to Hillary Clinton.

“What makes this country special is that we respect the people that disagree with us. We don’t tell people how to think. That’s what makes our flag special. It’s not illegal to burn it. It’s not illegal to stomp on it. You can find that abhorrent behavior. But the fact that they can do it makes us different than every other country in the world,” said Cuban.

 He then revealed that although he will ‘honor the flag’ he will record players speaking their minds before the game.


“And that’s what makes me so proud. We’re going to honor the flag before a game. And like I told our guys, if they have something they want to say, we’ll put them on the video and let them say exactly what’s on their mind, so they control the narrative. Then the minute the ball goes up, all of that is forgotten and we play the game,” said Cuban.


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