Council Shuts Down Bookseller Because A Mug COULD Be “Offensive To Muslims”

A local council in the United Kingdom has banned a rare bookseller from having a stall in Loughborough Market after someone complained that novelty mugs she had for sale could be “offensive to Muslims”.

56-year-old stallholder Tina Gayle, sold mugs that featured Knights Templar iconography and their Latin motto, which is based on the words of Psalm 115:1 — “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.”

Gayle received a letter from the council asking her to remove the images from the mugs, or stop the sale of the mugs, she refused the ridiculous request. Shortly after, she received an outright ban from the marketplace.

‘It’s very unfair,” she said. “You’re meant to have three written warnings before expulsion and they didn’t do that. It was apparently something so bad they were banning me completely.”

The bookseller attempted to dispute the claims that the mugs were offensive by stating that the Templars were basically fighting monks, pledged to defend.

“fighting monks, used to protect pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. They stopped them being robbed… they weren’t an army who were killing” She said.

She added: “It’s a very important week for the Knights Templar as October 13th is when all the Knights Templar were arrested by the King of France and then slowly slaughtered.

“That’s where the saying ‘unlucky for some’ comes from.

“A lot of my customers are Knights Templar, it’s a Christian Masonic Order. It’s about swearing a vow to protect the Christian faith.”

Richard the Lionheart killed thousands of Muslims and I’ve had items relating him, and the Romans, and no one has ever complained.

No Muslims have ever complained… in fact I don’t think I’ve ever sold a book to a Muslim.

“If I only sell books on people who haven’t killed someone, I’d be reduced to [gardening expert] Alan Titchmarsh,” she added.

It is getting increasingly difficult to celebrate any aspect of history or historical figures because somebody will always be offended. We live in a world where everything needs to be censored and instead of just not paying attention to things you don’t like, you can just complain and make it go away.


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