VIDEO: Seth Meyers Gives Trump Supporters the Middle Finger; “GO AWAY”

Liberal “Comedian” Seth Meyers responded to Eminem’s anti-Trump freestyle with a message of his own to any Trump-supporting viewers.

In short: ‘F**k You’.

Yes, he gave Trump supporters the middle finger if they support his show.

The “Late Night” host said his viewers should “get off the fence” and pick a side between President Trump and his show, which he said “constantly mocks and denigrates” Trump.

“I’m Seth Meyers and I’m here to say: if you like Trump, then go away,” he said before putting up his middle finger.

Watch this disgusting act below:

Because nothing says “unity” like giving the MIDDLE FINGER to 65 million Americans, right?

Sadly, this is all too common on the left.

They shout from the rooftops saying that Trump is “dividing” the country, yet we have these late night hosts basically saying “f**k you” to half the country.


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