Take A Break From The Negativity And Watch This HILARIOUS Woman Swoon Over A Cop

Nowadays, whenever you open up your Facebook feed or flip on the TV, you probably get immediately slammed with a reminder of all of the terrible things happening in the world.

Devastating hurricanes, crazy North Korean dictators, NFL players disrespecting our country, threats of war, and so much else.

However, we want to give you a little break from all the negativity in our wold to show you this HILARIOUS interaction between a woman and a cop.

The woman was pulled over by this “handsome” cop, and she couldn’t get enough of him. She claimed that if more Cops were as “hot” as him, there would be peace in the Middle East LOL.

Watch this hilarious video below:

See, THIS is the kind of thing I love to see. This video has over 18 million views in just 3 weeks, and obviously for good reason.

I hope this was able to make you smile on this Friday.


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