Reporter Questions Why Pence Left NFL Game … Sarah Sanders’ Answer Sends Chills Down Their Spine


Kirsters Baish: Reports have been coming out for more than a month now that NFL players continue to participate in anthem protests. The blatant disrespect for the American flag and all that it stands for has outraged the majority of Americans, so much so in fact, that Americans are canceling NFL sports packages on DirecTV and opting out of buying game day tickets.

As of right now, the NFL organization hasn’t done a damn thing to stop the protests. The worst of it all is that the kneeling isn’t doing anything to help the cause these players claim that they are kneeling for. All they are doing is dividing our nation even further into a race war started during the reign of former President Barack Obama.

Vice President Mike Pence recently attended an NFL game to show his support to his favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts. He decided it was in his own best interest to get up and leave the game after the San Francisco 49ers decided to kneel during the National Anthem. Every single player from the Colts stood while the anthem sounded. VP Pence felt that the disrespect for the American flag displayed by the 49ers was just too much for him to want to stay to watch the game. He saw no other choice but to get up and exit the game quietly.

President Trump praised his Vice President for his actions in defending the American flag.


I’m sure you can imagine that plenty of Leftists questioned Pence’s decision to leave and his motive behind exiting the game. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped up to answer any media questions about the incident.

One reporter questioned Huckabee Sanders about VP Pence’s motives. He asked, “Is it appropriate for the vice president of the United States to spend taxpayer money to go to a football game where he’s going to walk out if players take a knee, knowing he would be taking that action?”

Her response was brilliant. This reporter didn’t stand a chance against Huckabee Sanders.

She answered, “I think it’s appropriate. The vice president was invited. He attended that game. I think it’s always appropriate for the leaders of our country to stand up for the national anthem, to stand up for our flag, and to stand up for the men and women who fought and died for it.”

It’s great to see such a capable White House Press Secretary in action. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a woman who know what she’s talking about, and reporters who try to mess with her had better watch out. She isn’t messing around when it comes to defending the Trump administration and all that they stand for, including the National Anthem.


The Discussion of the NFL begins at around 7:30 you can watch it HERE.



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  • October 14, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Sarah…Keep up the good work!!! You make us (women) proud!!


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