James Woods Wrecks Idiot Lib Who Claims It’s ‘Harder To Buy Cough Medicine’ Than An AK47

It has been painful watching liberals talk about gun rights in the media following the Las Vegas mass shooting by psychopath Steve Paddock. The first reason is because they have been trying to exploit the situation to pass new gun strictions. The second reason is because they clearly know nothing about guns.

MSNBC’s political analyst Steve Schmidt proved this during a recent appearance on HBO’s Real Time. In arguing against the 2nd Amendment, he told Bill Maher that America’s founder’s “could no more conceive of an AK47” than they “could’ve conceived of a spaceship.”

He continued, “These weapons were not conceived of, were not understood, were not imagined in the context of the time when the amendment was authored, and we ought to have a real debate in this country about whether we want military weapons … weapons of war in the hand of every Joe who wants to go in and buy 30 of them.” Steve then foolishly claimed that it is “harder to buy cough medicine than it is to buy an AK47 — or 50 of them.”

Conservative actor James Woods saw Schmidt make this assertion and shot back on Twitter, “I will bet you $10,000 I can buy cough medicine more easily and more quickly than you can buy an automatic AK-47. Put up or shut up.”

 Writer Corey Stallings destroyed Schmidt’s argument, explaining how lengthy the process is to procure an AK47. Wrote Corey, “First, you’ll have to produce a photo ID. Then, you’ll have to fill out the never-ending ATF Form 4473. If you pass that, you’re formally presented with literature on the Youth Handgun Safety Act. Then, if you live in one of the good states, you can pay and take your new blaster home. Keep in mind, this is the process in a gun-friendly state.” He concluded, “As you can tell, that’s a pretty big difference. But, the biggest difference of them all? Owning a gun is a constitutional right. Possessing NyQuil isn’t.” Are you glad Woods and Stallings wrecked this liberal’s dumb claim?


Source: http://conservative101.com/james-woods-wrecks-idiot-lib-claims-harder-buy-cough-medicine-ak47/

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