Bill Maher Made Sick Lie That 2nd Amendment Was Created To Enforce Slavery

In the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas, liberals in the media have been running their mouths about guns, a topic very few of them know anything about. HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher took things to another stupid level altogether when he said on his show that the 2nd Amendment was put in place to help enforce slavery.

During a segment about guns on his show, Maher relied on the easy liberal trick of making everything about race and racism. Said Bill, “I know it drives Republicans crazy when liberals say everything is about race and everything isn’t about race. But I feel like guns is the one area where, if you can’t see a giant difference between the way black and white are treated in America with guns, I think there’s a little racism in you. I mean, show the Roy Moore video. Here’s a politician waving a gun at a rally.”

After the video played, Bill asked former Tennessee Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr., who is African-American, “Could you get away with doing that?” When Ford said “no” on cue, Bill continued, “There you go. And the Vegas shooter himself, you know, it seems like when the shooter, if he was Muslim, certainly it would have been about, ‘Let’s…we got to get the ban going.’ If he was a Mexican, it would be about the wall. And I feel like, when it’s the white guy, it’s like, ‘We don’t know how this happened.’”

Maher then attempted to connect the 2nd Amendment to slavery, quoting the opinion of an oddball writer in the New York Times as if it were fact. Said Maher, “All right, let me quote Garry Wills because I’ve read something he wrote in the New York Times on the Fourth of July about the Second Amendment which I had never been aware of this. And I feel like I was waiting for the moment when I thought people would be paying attention to this issue, and it is apropos to this issue we’re talking about.”

He went on, “Because he says the Second Amendment ‘shows just how far the poison of slavery pervaded the Constitution. It was intended to protect slave holders who used militias to keep a firm grip on their slaves. It wasn’t meant to let individuals prevent federal tyranny. How could it? It was meant to guarantee the legality of well-regulated militias to handle the states’ internal problems, especially the problem of a large slave population.’” Is this the left’s nastiest lie yet about guns? Watch below:

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