Rachel Maddow Just Said Who Her ‘Favorite Republican’ Is, It’s Last Person You’d Expect

It’s not news that MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is an odd person. She graduated from Stanford University and then was selected to be among only 32 American students to be a Rhodes Scholar and go to England’s Oxford University.

Instead of using her brainpower to make real change in the world, Maddow decided to become a tacky host on the most liberal-biased cable news station.

Lesbian Maddow is a hardcore Democrat and wastes no shortage of breath railing in the most partisan, thoughtless fashion against conservatives. However, she recently made the surprising choice of naming for Variety magazine who her favorite Republican is.

Scribbled Maddow in her article as part of the magazine’s New Power of New York list, “The country is still bewildered today by the transformation of the swaggering but stalwart conservative GOP of the Bush-Cheney era in less than a decade into the braying, cursing, handsy, brazenly corrupt know-nothingism we’re living through now.”

She then singled out fellow MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace as her “favorite Republican,” saying that she is one of the “few Republicans who operated at the highest level of Republican presidential politics who saw that transformation coming.”

 Maddow, who has no military background and has no business talking about patriotism, then said, “Nicolle is a deep-red Republican, and a loyal conservative, but she’s a patriot first, second and third.” What do you think about Maddow’s choice?


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