“All Men, All White” Michelle Obama Says What We Need To Get Rid Of In Order To Solve All Our Problems

Michelle Obama spoke at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women and said some pretty disgusting things about ‘white men’. She blamed them for nearly all of society’s problems.

“I’ve done a lot of conversations over the past several months, and a lot of questions I get from x-organization or x-industry is, ‘We’re working on diversity. What do you recommend we do?’ And the first thing I recommend is that you make sure that the problem-solving table is diverse,” said Michelle. But of course, like all liberals, she just means skin color diversity, not intellectual diversity.

She went on to describe how she’s sat in congress and felt very disappointed by seeing a lot of white men. And claimed that’s where all our problems come from.

“On one side of the room it’s literally grey and white. Literally. That’s the color pallet on one side of the room. On the other side of the room, there are yellows and blues and whites and greens; physically there’s a difference in color and the tone, because one side; all men; all white. On the other side; some women; some people of color,” said Michelle.

 “And wherever I was sitting, I would always have a guest in that booth; and I was always the most embarrassed at the beginning when people would see that, because I’d say, ‘Is it just me? Am I looking at how governance works?’ And people look down at that and go, ‘Yeah, that looks good. That looks right. We’re probably getting a lot done, and we’re doing it right.’ I look at that and I go, ‘No wonder. No wonder we struggle. No wonder people don’t trust politics. It’s not, we’re not even noticing what these rooms look like,” she said.
Check out the video below.


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