Tucker Carlson Crushes CNN’s Chris Cuomo For Saying Black NFL Players Are “Dogs”

CNN will do anything it can to spin Trump’s words to make him look like a horrible person. President Trump tweeted that Football owners were afraid of their players. CNN’s Chris Cuomo spun this and said that Trump was calling black football players ‘dogs.’

“But maybe even uglier than that. It does sound a little bit — and obviously you can come at me on Twitter for this — like he’s saying: ‘Control your dog. Control your dog,’ to the owners,” said Cuomo.

“I’m trying to map it here. They’re his friends, the owners, okay. To his friends, he creates a false issue, which puts them in a huge bind. Then, he says ‘Well, I feel bad about what’s happening there with these guys’ — which clearly he does not, because he created this issue to foment political tension. And now he says they’re fearful of the players, so he is setting up the ugliest kind of tension you can,” said Cuomo.

Tucker Carlson hit him back hard. He started by talking about how CNN is trying to divide America and make people see the worst in each other. “Dogs? Who said anything about dogs? Nobody did, but it doesn’t matter. The image is horrifying–and that’s the point. You can’t turn away from that,” said Carlson.

 “Now do you hate and fear your neighbor a little more by the end of that segment? Of course you do. Imagine millions of people watching that kind of thing all day long,” said Carlson. Do you think he’s right? Are you sick of all the liberal hatred and division? Check out the video below.

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