MSNBC Joe Scarborough Slams ‘His’ Republican Party: We Are Filled With “Stupidity!” “Ignorance!”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has always claimed that he is a ‘Republican’. But he hates President Trump and slams Republicans every chance he can. He went on a huge rant about how ‘us’ Republicans are stupid and ignorant for supporting Roy Moore.

“I’m tired of the debates about whether the Republican Party will be the conservative party or the liberal party. I’m just tired of us being the stupid party,” said Scarborough.

“You’ve got a guy that wants to get elected to the United States Senate doesn’t even know what DACA is or the DREAMers are which means he is so isolated from any news, from any knowledge of the debate in Washington, D.C., that you even wonder why he’s applying for the job?” said Scarborough.

“I mean, this would be — this would be like somebody that decided to be a judge that didn’t even know we didn’t have a religious freedom amendment in our Constitution, the First Amendment. This stupidity, this ignorance, is what is infecting the Republican Party even more than a lot of the radical ideology because they don’t know what they’re doing,” he said.

 “You can see this coming a mile away. Roy Moore is going to say outrageous things on the campaign trail, and Republicans are going to have to answer to it, and the reason Republicans are going to have to answer to it is not because the media is liberal, but because the Republican establishment is going to be funneling money into that race. They are going to be putting their name and their endorsement on a candidate who is wildly out of the mainstream and actually doesn’t even know the basics about policy,” said Scarborough.
Check out the video below.


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