Gingrich Just Said What Rich ‘Oppressed’ Football Players Really Need, It’s Harsh

It is laughable that professional NFL athletes, many of whom are on contracts that earn them tens of millions of dollars to play a sport on television, have been claiming to be “oppressed” and have been acting out by kneeling during the National Anthem and lashing out at President Donald Trump in the media.

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich recently appeared on Fox & Friends and told the hosts what these pampered pro athletes are really in need of. Said Gingrich, addressing kneeling NFL players, “Don’t impose on me your sense of somehow, you feel oppressed. If you’re a multimillionaire who feels oppressed, you need a therapist, not a publicity stunt.”

Gingrich continued his observations on Hannity, where he reacted to Hillary Clinton’s statement on MSNBC that President Trump is “attacking black athletes” to please his white base. Replied Newt, “Hillary Clinton is a racist demagogue. I mean, let’s be blunt, let’s be straight out about this thing. She can’t possibly debate on the merits any of the things we’re talking about.”

Chimed in Sean Hannity, “You mean a ‘racial demagogue.’ You didn’t mean she’s racist.” Explained Gingrich, “I mean she is using racism as a deliberate weapon. She is dividing the country on racial grounds as a deliberate political weapon in exactly the model of modern liberalism which can’t possibly survive if they don’t constantly go back to racism––and I’m talking about their racism.”

He continued, getting Trump’s back, “He talked about defending the flag. He talked about defending, you know, our national anthem. Now, how you take that and translate it into a racial attack tells you everything you need to know about the sickness of the modern left and the sickness of the Democratic Party. They cannot survive if they can’t constantly yell ‘race.’ And as a result, they have become one of the most divisive and destructive forces in America today.” Is Newt right? Watch below:


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